Infused Honey

Infused Honey

Elevate your honey by infusing it with herbs! This recipe for infused honey using Infusion Buds will give your food and drinks an extra nutritional boost.


  • 14-28g Decarboxylated botanicals, per cup of Honey used
  • 2-5 cups Local Honey
  • 1 tablespoon Distilled Water, per cup of Honey used
  • Infusion Buds Infuser Machine


  1. Before getting started, assemble all of the necessary ingredients and tools.
  2. Place the decarboxylated botanicals, local honey, and distilled water into the Infusion Buds machine and securely close the lid.
  3. Set the temperature to 130°F and set the timer to 1 hour.
  4. After the cycle has completed, unplug the machine and remove the head of the appliance.
  5. Strain the infused honey mixture through the Infusion Buds filter press or filter bag (that came in your Infusion Buds Infuser Machine set) to remove any leftover plant matter.
  6. Store the infused honey in a glass jar or container and enjoy!
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